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Address: Gancho Popnikolov 34
Postcode: 4330
City: Sopot
Region: Plovdiv
Country: Bulgaria
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Municipality of Sopot -
The Town of Sopot is in Plovdiv Province. Sopot is the location of an international music festival and a memorial of Bulgarian history. The town of Sopot (12 000 inhabitants, 520 meters above the sea level, 65 km from Plovdiv) is located in the fertile sub-Balkan mountain valley of Karlovo (which is the western part of the legendary Valley of Roses), immediately under the steep southern slopes of the Troyan Balkan Mountain (Central Stara Planina). It is situated 5 km west of Karlovo, 136 km east of Sofia, 63 km north of Plovdiv and 61 km south of Troyan. The town of Sopot is the birthplace of the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Literature - Ivan Vazov. Sopot is an important machine-building center.
There is information about the settlement dating back to the Ottoman Rule. During the Revival period it was called Altun Sopot (Golden Sopot) because of its fluorescent industry and also thanks to the crafts and trade development. The citizens of Sopot manufactured abas, braids, fur and leather of high quality and traded them predominantly around the Ottoman Empire. The town was destroyed by fire during the Liberation days (1877) and its inhabitants were either slaughtered or expelled. The town was named Vazovgrad between 1950 and 1965 and later obtained its present name again.

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Bulgaria - Newspaper clipping - 15/12/2009

Brochure "Beyond Words" [Final]
Some interesting facts about Bulgaria
Bulgaria, Sopot...

  Meeting in Sopot - Bulgaria - April 2011 -


Meeting in Bulgaria. Review, compilation, presentation and evaluation of the work done so far. Planning new Tasks. -



Meeting in Sopot - Bulgaria


27.04.2011 - Arrival.


08:30 - Transfer to SOU “Ivan Vazov”, Sopot.
09:00 - Welcome to SOU “Ivan Vazov”, Sopot.
09:30 - Tour of the school.
10:00 - Coffee break.
10:30 - Work session.
13:00 - Lunch at school.
14:00 - Work session.
16:00 - Walking around Sopot
17:30 - Transfer to hotel “Shterev”, Karlovo


08:00 - Excursion to Veliko Tarnovo — the Medieval capital of Bulgaria.
09:00 - Visit to the monumental church in the town of Shipka.
10:00 - Visit “Etara” [An ethngraphic complex near the city of Gabrovo]
13:00 - Visit the Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Tarnovo [XII-XIII c.]
14:30 - Free time in Veliko Tarnovo.


08:30 - Transfer to lift “Shambala” near Sopot.
09:00 - A day in the Central Balkan National Park going to the top of the mountain — “Dobrila” chalet, using the “Shambala” chair lift from Sopot
11:30 - A walk in the National Park with a guide.
13:00 - Special lunch at “Dobrila” chalet.
15:00 - Going down the mountain by the chair lift.
17:00 - Transfer to hotel “Sterev”, Karlovo.
20:00 - Dinner at “Loven Park” restaurant, Karlovo.


09:30 - Excursion to Plovdiv.
10:30 - Walking around the Old Town of Plovdiv. Visit of The Ancient Theatre [II c. AD], The Ethnographic Museum, etc.
12:30 - Free time in Plovdiv.
16:00 - Departing.

02.01.2011 - Departure.