IESO Quercus - Departamento de Dibujo - 2009 - Prof. Alfonso Tindon de Izu
IESO Quercus I Paseo de Poniente s/n I 37190 Urb. El Encinar, Terradillos I Salamanca I Spain I T. 923373315

Bulgaria Finland Greece Italy Netherlands Romania Spain Turkey




The content of the project are the artistic creations in the field of painting, music and sculpture existing in each country, whose topic is a universal value and, therefore, may serve for an intercultural communication to overcome the language barriers.
The task of each school will be to find artistic works in its country that convey universal values: peace, solidarity, brotherhood, equality, dialogue, friendship, freedom, justice, happiness... or any of human rights.

The works selected will be presented with the necessary explanation to be understood the historical and social context in which they were created, and so facilitate their understanding to the partnership. Each partner will decide what periods of the art history of his nation will research to find works referring to the proposed themes, and being interesting to present works on all those subjects suggested, however, the partners are free to work the topics they consider more interesting and motivating for their students. To help focussing on the project idea, we present two samples of teaching units...

[1] Teaching Unit 1 - "Peace" - Contents -
"Peace" - Presentation -
"Peace" - Poems -
[2] Teaching Unit 2 - "Happiness" - Activities -
[3] Teaching Unit 3 - "Tolerance" - Contents -
[4] Teaching Unit 4 - "Friendship" - Contents -
[5] Teaching Unit 5 - "Labour " - Contents - -
[6] Teaching Unit 6 - "Freedom " - Contents - -
[7] Teaching Unit 7 - "Justice " - Contents - -

[1] Teaching Unit 1 - "Love of Country" - Contents -
"Equal rights on spiritual path in intercultural Dobrudja" Unit -