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- Every year British people make bonfires on 5th November... -
Laura Briz Romero - ESO 4
Estudiante de ESO 4

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Every year British people make bonfires on 5th November, called “Bonfire Night”. They celebrate the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. They remember that, in 1605, a man called Guy Fawkes and a group of plotters tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London.

On that date the King and his leaders were opening the Parliament, an annual ceremony that takes place every November. Guy Fawkes wanted to kill the King James I. They were discovered, tortured and executed.

Nowadays on Bonfire Night people light bonfires, let off fireworks, eat warm Bonfire Night food, like sausages and jacket potatoes and celebrate that the king was not killed.

During the days before Bonfire Night, children make a life-sized effigy of Guy Fawkes, called “GUY”, by stuffing old clothes with newspapers.
They put it in prams and on the streets they ask for money saying “A penny for the guy”. Adults give them money and then they spend it on sparkles and sweets. They put the guy on the bonfire and burn it.

Every year the Queen Elisabeth II travels on a coach drawn by four horses from Buckingham Palace to Westminster for the State Opening of the Parliament

Laura Briz Romero
Estudiante de ESO 4

Christmas Story
The bunny fun.

A fluffy rabbit lived in the forest. One day he was sitting in the shade of a tree when a squirrel approached him.
- Hello, sir rabbit, said the squirrel. And looking toward her, she pulled out his tongue and began to run out.
- Silly, thought the squirrel.
One the way to his burrow, the rabbit met a fawn who also wanted to say hello:
- Good morning, sir rabbit. And again the rabbit pulled out his tongue and began to run.
And he always did the same when he met an animal in the forest.
One day, all the animals decided to give him a good lesson. They agreed that they mustn’t say hello when they saw the rabbit.

In the following days, the whole word ignored the rabbit. No one talked to him and no one greeted him. On day, all animals organized a party and the rabbit appeared in the middle of the party.

No body took notice of him. Then, the rabbit overwhelmed by the lack of attention of his colleagues and he decided to leave with his ears low.

The other animals called him and the rabbit promised them not to mock any more of his friends in the forest. Everybody amused on the party and they lived together very happy for ever.

Rosaura Dueñas Alonso - ESO 1A
Fátima Santamaría Muñoz - ESO 1A
Mónica López Valle - ESO 1A
Laura Urrutia González - ESO 1A

The Thanksgiving day in the USA

The Thanksgiving Day is the most familiar day in the year. Everybody is gathered with his friends or family to celebrate a great meal together. In the past the thanksgiving day was to give thanks to good, but now it is known for its succulent dinners. The day of turkey was also other name because each family cooked a turkey in a special way.

The “cranberrgsauce”or “pumpkin pier” are other typical menu of thanksgiving.
There is also a traditional football match.
Each day of Thanksgiving is celebrated a party that American continue to care. The next day after the feast and rest, they go shopping. This is the so called “black Friday”, the day in the year where the most purchases occur.

Mónica López Valle - ESO 1A
Rosaura Dueñas Alonso - ESO 1A
Laura Urrutia González - ESO 1A
Fátima Santamaría Muñoz - ESO 1A



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